Foil Stamping & Embossing

The quality of your dies is a major factor in the success or failure of your stamping or embossing job. DC can create highly intricate engraving or embossing dies that will give you and your business the competitive edge. We produce etched magnesium, copper, and brass dies. We also supply CNC milled brass dies as well as hand engraved brass dies.

Magnesium is a metal plate that can withstand high temperatures and is impact resistant as well.  It is the softest material and also the least expensive option for stamping and embossing. Magnesium plates are also used to make rubber plates, signs and name plates; a versatile product indeed. Its’ qualities provides the end-user with a good option for shorter runs at a reasonable cost. Plates come in different thicknesses: .040”, 16 gauge (.064”), 11 point (.153”), and 1/4" (.25”). The largest size is 22″ x 26″. 

Copper is another option and is a more durable metal that lasts and stores longer for a better quality product. Copper is exclusively etched and works best for stamping foil. Plates come in different thicknesses: 16 gauge (.064”), 11 point (.153”), and 1/4" (.25”). The largest size is 22″ x 26″.

Brass is cut on our CNC's and is also used for creating sculptured dies. This is the most durable, long lasting option and can be used for all embossing and foil stamping applications. We can create fast, and accurate CNC Machining to your exact specifications. We are constantly seeking new innovations and having access to the latest technologies keeps us ahead of our competition, by allowing us to work more productively. We can help you meet the ever-growing expectations of your customers, in terms of better quality, shorter delivery times and competitive pricing.

Duplicates are a thermal setting material that is durable and used to make additional embossing plates from the original metal plate at a lower cost for multiple up needs on press.

Counters for embossing and debossing dies are available in .020, .030 and .060 thicknesses. These are either gray fiberglass or epoxy poured material.