Desktop & Design

DC Graphics maintains a state-of-the-art digital prepress facility using the latest computer hardware and graphics software at all times. Our desktop operators are skilled at providing films, digital proofs and/or digital media for you, your clients, your press facilities, or to our own platemaking operations (offset, flexographic, magnesium, copper, brass and letterpress).

The information technology specialists at DC Graphics provide services in all aspects of computer and networking issues. They can steer you toward the most efficient ways to prepare and transmit your files or help troubleshoot your working computer system.

Our designers have extensive knowledge of all major graphics applications. We can guide you through photo restoration and creative high-end retouching to file manipulation for various applications such as trapping, silhouetting, color correcting, multi-level embossing, etc. We can help you get your ideas to plate and press in a manner that will fulfill your printer's specifications and exceed your expectations.

It doesn't end there! DC's desktop department is expert in file management. Your files are automatically archived and organized to be used repeatedly at later times. Got a new computer? Can't locate old files? If you previously ran them at DC Graphics, call us, we probably still have them!